About Us

Partner: Jon Moulton, CPA, started his accounting business 40 years ago in North Branch, Minnesota. In his 1st year he made $50 and his business has been growing ever since. Our 2200 clients are mainly local, however; we also serve the Minneapolis/St Paul area, file yearly for at least a dozen states and a few for around the world. We tend to keep our clients as mail-in clients even after they move to other states (typically warmer states).

In the off-season, Jon runs his 2000 acre farm/850 head of cattle in Rock Creek, MN. During the tax season, he leaves the management duties to his son, Craig – though he is known to attend the occasional winter auction. The winter tax season is a nice compliment to the spring planting season, when he again jumps in a tractor to work the farm fields. Jon is also enjoying traveling around the country in his 5th wheel (and scooter) with his wife, Pat.

Jon specializes in farmers, passive income and contracts

Partner: Mary J. Narcum, CPA, has 20 years of accounting experience. She has worked at multiple firms and is now settling down to take over the family business. When she is not preparing tax returns, she is shepherding her 3 kids: Jack, Charlie and Samantha. Yes, she lives in Lakeville, but when you have books on tape and a 13 week tax season, it’s really not that bad of a commute.

Mary specializes in multi-state returns, S-Corps, and families

Accountant: Loretta Stacy is our 30+ year veteran, though many clients know her just as well for her established quilting business. She spends her off season doing long arm, free lance quilting for novice and advanced quilters. She has several patterns for sale as well. Her husband is an avid bird photographer, and you can see his work displayed in her office.

Loretta specializes in estates, fiduciaries and new businesses

Financial Advisor: Wally Narcum, as well as being our newest preparer, offers financial advice at our office. His advisory firm is Feltel out of Minnetonka. Wally is Mary’s husband so feel free to throw a few questions his way without worrying about a broker sales pitch. He provides the financial services and advice needed to lower your tax bill and prepare for retirement.

Wally specializes in retirement and tax planning.